Friday, May 30, 2008

Summer is Finally here!!

So monte had the day off today so we decided to go boating... i had a ton of fun because i havent done it in a couple years cuz last summer i was pregnant.. here are a few pictures from our day on the lake!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

I love Cole & Monte

I walked in to the Living room to find cole playing with all the Uno cards!! he had a lot of fun!! :)

Cole came into the living room to find me using this foot bathing thing. and he started splashing in the water to i decided i'd give him a try he loved it!!
He's such a cute boy...
... and a very goofy one! :)
But we love him!! :)

Here's another one of our Zoo adventures..

Cole loves to play the piano. hopefully he'll grow up to play the piano like his daddy!
I was babysitting Isak at my parents house one day.. ( they live about a mile apart) and we went outside to help them plant the garden and i put them both in the swing. cole must have been super tired cuz he fell asleep almost instantly.. but isak just sat there content the whole time! :)

At the other grandma's house ( monte parents) there is this cart thing that quickly became coles favorite thing to climb on!!
there were some kids at the play ground of our apartments drawing with chalk and they said we could join them.. so of course i wrote the i love cole and monte!!! cuz i do.. very much!!

its beautiful outside so Cole and i love to go outside and play. this is at our apartment building. the tree by the play ground was soo pretty i want a tree like this when i get a house of my own.. but monte said he'd rather a white one.. so i guess i wont get a pink one.. but atleast hopefully ill get one! :)

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Fun at the ZOOOOOO!!!

Monte bought us a zoo pass and we go alllllll the time. Cole's favorite is the penguins!! :)

Mommy's boy

Monte is so romantic.. He layed out some of our belts so write i love you for me to find on the bed!! I LOVE YOU TOO MONTE!! :)

Cole is a HUUUUUUGEEE mamma's boy.
but i love it and try to cherish it. because i know there is going to become a time where he doesnt follow me around and climb up on my legs begging me to pick him up!! sometimes it hard to get things done.. but i love him and wouldnt change the way he is for ANYTHING!!

day at the park

sorry about them all being sideways.. i guess youll have to turn your computer screen sideways to see them!! haha enjoy! :

So while Monte and Neal we're playing some "well needed" Halo Suzie and i decided to go on a walk to the park!! :)

Daddy and Cole

Saturday the weather was really nice to monte brought Cole out to the play equipment to play!!

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Life is GREAT!

I am so blessed in my life! i have a wonderful husband who would do anything for me.. and a wonderful son who always makes me smile!
The last few days Cole has been sick though and he hasn't been able to keep any food down, which has keep me busy!! lots of laundry!!

Last night i made some potato bread! it surprisingly turned out to be really good. then today i made some banana bread.. i really love cooking. i just wish i had some new cook books! :)

Cole and i LOVE to go on walks. if cole seems a little fussy i just pull out the stroller and he is excited.. we love that the zoo and Boise State and Two parks are right next to our house we live in a very convenient location.

here's a video i took of cole yesterday i thought it was cute!!

Last night was a looooooong night. i have two sick guys at my house!!
im crossing my fingers that i dont get sick!!