Saturday, August 30, 2008


Monte is seriously the best dad and husband i could have ever asked for.
He works so hard to provide for Cole and Me.. hes the most patient loving handsome man ive ever met!

I love how he always helps me out around the house.. he always is cleaning the house or making sure cole is fed. Cole loves his dad so much.. we went to meet monte after one of his classes and when the class was getting out everyone but about 5 people we out and cole looked inside the class room and saw monte talking to his teacher and he started running ( or more like walking fast.. lol) with his arms open and just giggling and squealing to monte!! it was SO cute! so monte picked cole up and gave him a huge hug! you could tell they both really missed each other!! for the WHOLE HOUR the were apart! haha.

anyways.. i just wanted to say how lucky i am. and i know everyone says it but its so true that monte fits EVERY single one of the qualities that i wanted growing up!



so the other week i was making a dessert for a dinner we were going to!!
and i decided i'd give cole the cool whip container after i got most of it out..
he LOVED it!!
lets just say he was VERY sticky but made for some cute pictures and a entertained baby!!