Friday, March 13, 2009


so i need to get better at this blogging thing! i love reading other peoples blogs but i never put one up for other people to read! lol

everything is healthy with the baby and my pregnancy is going great. i only threw up once and havent been sick for a few weeks. 

a few weeks ago i had a couple baby showers right in a row so monte decided to go along with his parents on a picnic.. they went to celebration park. 
monte said cole had so much fun climbing throwing rocks and sword fighting (with sticks) with his uncles. cole was OUT on the way home from all the fun he had! 

for some reason its not letting me put a space inbetween the pictures..
but the picture with cole in the suit case is from when we were unpacking from sunvalley which is where we went for valentines day. he loved getting in the suitcase and hiding.  
we also went bowling.. cole was feeling a little left out so even though monte and i were neck and neck with out scores i let cole go ones. so we went up to the lane and i helped him put the ball a little.. it was clocked at giong 2 mph so it was pretty stinking slow.. but when it got down there it hit 8 outta the 10 balls. hes a natural with balls! lol so even though i let cole bowl ones i still beat monte but ohhh.. 54 points! haha

hope everyones had a good week!

and if you wanna come to Suzie Koskella's baby shower.. let me know!! :) 

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

BIG baby..

well at my last doctors appt i had an ultrasound and was told me baby is a week and a half bigger then it should be.. and that its very possible ill have another big baby.. so theyll do another ultrasound later like when im 30 ish week and see how big it is then!!
so does anyone wanna change their vote!! haha