Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Going Private!

I think its about time and safe for my family! so please everyone give me your addresses and ill invite you!!
thanks a ton!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

does anyone even read this anymore?

i havent posted in so long.. haha. no one prob reads it. but here is an update..

Monte graduated in May with an accounting degree and then he will be going back to get a mechanical engineering degree and a ME masters after that! so about 5 more years of school! haha. nows a good time to be in school though right?

Im just staying at home with my boys.. i recently took up running,.. about a month or so ago and can now jog 5 miles. im pretty proud of myself. other then that nothing new is going on with me.. i still love learning new things like recipes.. so if you have any good ones.. let me have them.

Cole is 2 1/2 and somedays man hes a two year old. but luckly there are more happy moments then sad! he loves being a big brother and takes good care of his little brother! hes really into playing with daddy rough housing and building forts and reading books and helping mommy cook.. the list goes on and on! hes always doing something!

Chance in now 4 months old. he weighs about 20 lbs. (WOW BIGGG KID!!) and he has rolled over once but not since then. he in starting to laugh and it just melts my heart! i love it.

we are enjoying the time we have right now between semesters to spend every second with monte since he isnt busy with school or work. love it!
and ill end with a few pictures of the last little while.
( oh and leave a comment so i know people atleast look at it! haha)