Friday, April 30, 2010

Girls Get A Way ( plus the grandkids..)

So a week ago i went to park City with Montes sisters and mom. it was just a fun get a way for all the girls and grandkids while the dads stayed home and went to work and school! the trip was a lot of fun but reaaaalllly long. I sure missed monte! and his help with the boys!

Heres chance and Cole playing!

We stopped and saw my mother in laws mom on the way home! i havent seen her in like over a year! so it was fun to see her. she had NO IDEA who i was! haha

This was the real Jail where people were thrown in when Park City was a mining city! kinda cool to see it all. and it just so happened that the day we went it was free admissions to the museum! score! :)

and belows cole painting some photo framed for mothers day to give to all the grandmas with a picture of the boys in it. it was one of the many fun activities the hotel did

We also went swimming A LOT it was a half indoor half outdoor pool! cole LOVED it and so did chance.

i sure did have fun but man i was soooooo happy to get home.
and when i got home i walked in the house to a bag of Dove Chocolates a bouquet of flowers and a love note from my sweet hubby! i missed him.
he said the only nice thing about us being gone is the house stayed clean for more then 5 min! hahaha.