Monday, April 20, 2009

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Cole first.. well kinda.. Easter

This is the first year cole was able to go out and get easter eggs. i think he had a ton of fun. like most kids once he saw the candy in them it was hard to motivate him to get more! lol

I also made my first "thanksgiving" dinner with the turkey stuffing and everything. the gravy turned out a little salty cuz i added to much salt to the turkey.. but that was the only thing i thought didnt turn out really well.. and the best part is all the left overs were eaten.. non went to waste!! woo!! haha
just some cute and fun easter glasses we got at the ward easter egg hunt!

This is Cole just being the goof ball he always is!!

just a few pictures!

Congrats Chelsey on getting married!!
Cole has been obsessed with diapers lately. he wants to put them on EVERY stuffed animal he has..
Since its been so nice we've been down to the river a lot. cole likes filling his truck up with rocks and then throwing them in the river..
Coles also doing amazing going to the "potty" when he needs to go he just tells us POTTY and he hope we make it in time cuz sometimes we dont get much notice. but in the past month or so ive only had to change a handful of diapers. so im really proud of him.. hopefully by the time this new baby is born ( which we find out is a boy or girl on MONDAY!!! )

and just a cute picture of Cole boy

Friday, April 3, 2009

20 months old!!

I love these block ones.. cole always gets his blocks out then runs into the kitchen and grabs a spoon and hits them down..

What i like about this one is the little lamb that he is holding was monte's comfort animal when he was little.. and now its coles.
also the jacket he's wearing was montes when we was younger.
This one is montes absolute favorite. he thinks its just so funny. "mr. tough guy" right there! haha

Boy does this kid make me happy! :)

thanks Suzie. you did amazing!!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

my friend Abby had this on her blog and i thought it was a really good message.. i know i sure needed to hear it!

so thanks Abby and i hope you all enjoy! :)