Monday, December 22, 2008

Polar Express or the North Pole

So this happened a while ago.. but this last month or so has been so busy for us. all this family coming into town. monte getting done with one more semester of school. and babysitting. and then just the day to day life. but a few weeks ago we took a trip up to HorseShoe bend for montes Summer job's work party. we got on the train and cole seemed to be pretty excited about it. he didnt really know what was going on. when santa started walking around he looked at him like "WHO THE HECK IS THAT??" but he didnt seem scared. untill.. we made him sit on his lap. that didnt work out well. thats why we just decided to take a family picture.
we went on a long ride.. it didnt seem like long cuz we has a blast... but then we stopped at the "North Pole" and we were given cookies and milk ( chocolate or strawberry or just plain) there was a fire and carolers and little houses you could go in.. cole had a lot of fun just playing in the houses pulling the huge candy canes outta the ground and chasing our friends little boy Luke around..

It was a very fun day! and we'd recommend it to everyone.. :)
hope everyone is having a good holiday season and enjoying the snow i know we sure are!! :)

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Cole's Blanket

so this was taken a few weeks ago when we were packing.. i just thought it was SO cute.
I dont know why the pictures uploaded backwards.. but this is the blanket i recently made for cole. now of course it's tied. i had so much fun making this. i love sewing. i need a lot more practice though to be as good as my mother in law and my mom.
How was everyone's thanksgivings???