Thursday, January 29, 2009

such a funny boy

First off i put two polls on the side id appreciate it if youd vote! haha! :)

so cole has always been a really funny kid. monte and i joke around that we're gonna have a class clown on our hands and hes gonna always get in trouble for talking to much. lately all hes been asking for is "bubbles" meaning he wants to take a bath with a ton of bubbles... in the picture above he dipped his face in the bubbles and then when make all these funny noises and just laugh..
here is coles friend Isak and him both playing in the tub!
lately cole just DOES NOT want to put on his own shoes.. he wants daddys!! so whenever we have to put shoes on we have to make sure we have enough time where he can hurry and play in daddys shoes before he has to put on his!! its soooooooo funny though watching him try to walk in them!!
and since were expecting baby number two we decided that we would put cole in a toddler bed. as you can tell we havent found an actually toddler bed yet.. so its just his mattress on the floor. but cole seems to like it a lot better.
although he wakes up a lot at night my sister told me to just give it time.. and its only been a week or so and he seems to be sleeping through the night and waking up less and less everynight.. i think he likes the idea of being able to get outta bed. so in the middle of the night all of the sudden my door will open and theres a little boy with his teddy and his blanket standing at the bottom of my bed wanting to get up.. but of couse coles not allowed to sleep in our bed, so sometimes its a night full of me constantly walking back and forth between bedrooms putting him back to sleep in his own bed!!
so hopefully by the time the new baby comes he'll be fine.. which im sure he will.. im not worried.
but if you any good tips on getting them to sleep in a toddler bed.. let me know!! :)


The Jensen Family said...

That little guy sure does have a fun personality! My favorite is when he gives everyone hugs :)

Heather said...

Samantha had a bit of an adjustment to a toddler bed too, but she loves it and usually doesn't even get out of bed anymore. There are doorknob covers that make it difficult for kids to open doors. You could put one on the inside of his room so he couldn't escape! :)

Kevin & Audrey said...

I know I know weird huh?! But I found your blog cuz some of our friends' friends know the Stevens' family...and so that's how I found you guys! Pretty lame of me-definitely NOT a blogger stocker!

But I do have to say that I think Cole is stinkin cute! Like prolly the most adorable kid ever!

Lindsay said...

Hey love your blog!! Cole is so cute!! We have one too at!!!


How cute is he? What a big boy! I got the letters at either craft warehouse or Michaels. I can't remember, but I know I have purchased letters from both of these places.