Thursday, April 16, 2009

Cole first.. well kinda.. Easter

This is the first year cole was able to go out and get easter eggs. i think he had a ton of fun. like most kids once he saw the candy in them it was hard to motivate him to get more! lol

I also made my first "thanksgiving" dinner with the turkey stuffing and everything. the gravy turned out a little salty cuz i added to much salt to the turkey.. but that was the only thing i thought didnt turn out really well.. and the best part is all the left overs were eaten.. non went to waste!! woo!! haha
just some cute and fun easter glasses we got at the ward easter egg hunt!

This is Cole just being the goof ball he always is!!


Michelle said...

haha thats so funny about the diapers! i'm sure you'll post what you're having.. CANT WAIT TO HEAR! haha i vote girl!

Higgs Happenin's said...

Hi I hope you don't mind, I found you through Audrey's blog. Holy cow Your boy has gotten soo big! He is so cute. Hope you guys are doing well!