Saturday, July 4, 2009

so ive tried to post a few different times but photos would never load!!
well heres some photos of what we've been up to lately!!
Lots of Roaring Springs.. cole is a WATER BOY! he looooves to play in the water!

If you ask cole to smile for you this is what you get.. he LOVES "tracter rides"
at grandpa and grandmas house..
..he also loves to color with chalk!
he loves balloons.. he must have been reallllly tired cuz he fell asleep while blowing his balloon up!
we also went on paddle boats.. cole had so much fun feeding the ducks!! they were really "hungy"

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Kevin & Audrey said...

Yaayy Brittany!!! I love the pics! It sounds like you are having a fun summer. I'm so jealous you guys are so close to Roaring Springs - I wanna go bad!