Friday, January 25, 2008

Jan!!!! :)

well.. Jan is almost over.. this has been an amazing month.

first of all Cole is almost 6 months old. man does time fly.. you put him on the floor and he's never in the same spot when you come back.. although he cant move forward he moves everyway but that. lol. he just uses his hands and pushes himself backwards.. hes a pretty amazing boy!

another thing that is excited is that tuesday the 22nd. monte and i went to the temple and got our endowments out.. it was the most amazing experience.. i loved it! :)

and theres even more.. lol.

tomorrow monte and i are going to the temple to get sealed. so Cole will be able to come with us this time! cant wait!! :)

snow.. man. it sure has been snowing a lot. i love it! cole and i go out almost everytime it snows.. he doesnt seem to mind the cold.
monte started school this week and so far he loves it.. He enjoys his homework and going to class..


Suzie Koskella said...

So it is cool that I am the first to post on your Blog! I love it! I will put you on mine, then others can look at it took!

amber schmidt said...

Hey! I saw the link to your post on suzie's! Congrats on going through the temple and being sealed! Now you can be together with your cute little family forever! Awwww! Feel free to check out my blog at