Tuesday, September 2, 2008


So cole took his first plane ride in August.
we went to Phoenix Arizona to go visit my sister that i havent seen in over a year.

Cole did REALLY well on the plane! he really liked opening and closing the blinds and putting up and down the trey! lol

I really missed my sister so it was REALLY good to see her!!

Here is one of my Niece Serenity and my nephew Brendan.
they had fun meeting cole for the first time!!
It was SUPPPPER hott there. about 120 degrees. so we didnt go outside much! cuz when we went outside it was so hot that it almost made you feel sick!!
thank goodness for AC!! :)

now i just wish i could go to Alaska to visit my other sister!!

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Michelle said...

hiii! how are you doing?? cole is lookin so grown up and cute! I hear your watching a little girl named Jodi... Ha. Yeah she is Tucker's step sister's baby. smallll world!