Wednesday, September 3, 2008

I babysit...


but i love it. i babysit 3 adorable fun kids. then i have my own handsome little guy!

babysitting is so much fun! i never have more then 3 kids at a time.
Im really glad that im able to, Cole learns how to play with other kids and to share. (we still need to work on that a little bit) but i think with me babysitting so much it will make it an easier transition when we have another baby and i stop babysitting..

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Michelle said...

oh yes.,. there is little Jo. Fun stuff thats good you enjoy babysitting! I thought about going the watching other kids route also, But i think i needed a time out for a bit to remind myself who i am haha. I just started working at old navy.. its fun.. but I think after baby #2 comes i'll prob go to babysitting.

But yeah we should def. hang out!
and you tell your hubster of yours empty nesters at a young age is a good thing! haha cause kids always come back to live with their parents after high school. ha. Fun stuff. good luck! :)