Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Family Home Evening!

I love family home evening. seriously if we could have it every night i would.
So yesterday for family home evening we started out with a nice dinner of Roast Beef Mashed Potatoes Gravy and Corn.. YUMMMMYY!!
then we started carving our pumpkins.. the ones ive been wanting to carve ever since we got them.. cole said Oooo a lot.. he loves it. and he loved the feel of the stuff inside!!
after we carved our pumpkins we made ginger bread people, cars, pumpkins, bats, ducks, ghosts and a ton of other stuff... ( my 101 cookie cutters came in handy..) you can see that cole LOOOVED the cookie dough. i remember always asking my mom for the beaters afterwards.. now im the mom giving my son the beater to lick off.. :)
these are the finished products.. monte let me carve the big one while he carved coles little pumpkin that he picked out..
we then put on coles Halloween outfit.. man is it a pain to put it on.. he HATES getting it put on.. but once its on.. he absolutely LOVEEEs it.

i hope everyone had a good weekend!! :)