Sunday, October 26, 2008

weird facts about me!

i response to Heathers tag.. here are seven unusual or unexpected things about me...

1.) I have a phobia of Sharks and medical issues haha.

2.) I got a misdemeanor when i was 17 for driving without a license! uh oh.

3.) I LOVE taking baths and showers. anytime of the day!!

4.) im an EXTREMELY picky reader, but once i find a book ( like twilight hahaha) im hooked and cant put the book down!!

5.) i want a family of like ten kids... now for just convincing monte!! haha

6.) I LOOOOOOOVEEE and i say LOVE ketchup. ill eat it on ALMOST everything.. monte's dad always teases me and makes sure theres ketchup on the table even if were eating something that you dont need ketchup.

7.)for the last few months of being pregnant with cole i slept more then i was awake.. ( keep in mind monte had a summer job and worked about 80 hours a week.) and i drank about 5-6 gallons of milk (STRAWBERRY milk) every week BY MY SELF. no wonder he was so big!! haha (10 lbs. 4 oz.)


i tag
EVERYONE! its fun to read these about other people..


amber schmidt said...

haha! I can't beleive you can drink that much milk!!!!

The Jensen Family said...

That is so funny abut the ketchup! I can totally see my dad doing that. hahaha.