Thursday, November 20, 2008

November so far..

Introducing SUPER MAN!! okay.. so i was thinking last night how its gonna be fun when cole always wants to put a cape on and "fly around" so i decided to tie a blanket and see how he liked it!! he loved it. i tired taking it off and hes cry. so we has superman in our house all last night..
he even put his hands out behind him and ran ( which he does a lot.. but it looked cool with the cape)
i brought coles trike inside last night cuz i was babysitting for my friend and it was also pretty cold outside.. Aiden started using the trike as a walker..(he cant walk yet) and cole was on top.. so cole got a free ride!! and i didnt even have to bend over and push him. id just turn the trike around and send them off to the other side of the room. back and forth! they both enjoyed doing that! :)
last sunday we decided to make some cinnamon rolls. cole was such a big helper. i gave him his own little bowl and spoon.. and when id add stuff to mine id add some to him. when i added eggs i didnt add any to his though.. instead i added SPRINKLES!! he loved it. it was all colorful!! so needless to say we had a few sprinkles in the cinnamon rolls cuz cole would decide to help me stir mine. we had so much fun.
i grew up doing stuff like this with my mom all the time and i want to give my kids the memories of baking with their mom.. after we make the treat we're making im trying to keep cole the importance of service. soo we eat one ourselves and give the rest away ( which is good or i'd weigh 500 lbs from all the treats we make! haha)
i know that service is such an awesome blessing from not only the people who recieve it but for those who give it. thanks mom for teaching me the importance of service!! i love you!

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Suzie Koskella said...

So cute! I should make Jacob a cape! I miss you and you could never weigh 500 pounds even if you tried!