Tuesday, November 4, 2008


This month was a lot of fun.. first i was able to go to my friends babyshower.. shes SOOO cute!! and looks so good in this photo!! Jennie and i are the only ones who ARENT pregnant. lol the three people in the middle are!!
cole was a little dragon for halloween!! he was so cute. he LLOVEEEEDDD his outfit and seriously would wear it all dayy.. so sometimes he did! lol he still wears it once in a while.. once he see's it he wont leave me alone till i put it on him!! lol so cute..
all strapped in on our way to the ward party!!
cole got this trike. he cant reach the peddles so i sit on back and put with my feet! we have so much fun with it!
we also had a fun in the leaves.. monte and i and cole went and played in the leaves.. racked them up with our hands since we didnt have a rake..

what a fun October.. im looking forward to the coming months.. all the snow!!
hope everyone had a fun halloween!!!


Blake and Katie Summers said...

SO cute!!!

The Jensen Family said...

Ahhh... Brittany, you're a good mom :)

The Davis Family said...

Brittany, it looks like you had a great October. I can't believe how many girls are prego!