Tuesday, July 29, 2008


cole will turn ONE on thursday!! man this last year was the best! it went by so incredibly fast..
i have been so blessed to have such a wonderful baby and an amazing husband who is such a big help!!

for coles birthday party we invited a few friends over and did a little pool party at my parents house.

the morning before the party my mom and i made the cake for him..

the finished product.. Hamburger and Fries..

my best friend Paige and Cole..

everyone just hanging out having fun!!


Jaimee said...

So that cake looks totally awesome! If I ever decide to do something like that, I'll know who to call :o) Jared's family is actually going camping the second week of August and we're hoping that we can go. I might have to give you a call about that tent! Thanks!

Lindsey and Micah said...

I still can not believe the cake! You did a great job.

amber schmidt said...

cool cake!!! & happy b-day Cole!

Daniel & Abby Stimpson said...

How awesome I can't believe how quickly time flies with these little ones. Its like you blink and BAM ITS GONE! I would love to do lunch I am also thinking of having a fun girls night and playing some games when we are down like the 2nd weekend in Aug so hopefully you can come the more the merrier right? I am glad to see all is well. You are such a foxy little mama!

Heather said...

Awesome cake!!! You're so creative! I can't believe Cole's birthday is tomorrow!

Andy, Jen & the Kiddies said...

What a cute cake! You are amazing. It looks so real!