Wednesday, July 9, 2008


yep!! cole's walking..
he's not PERFECT.. and still prefers to crawl everywhere.. but hes walking..

i finally found the time to post stuff on here.. between babysitting and having family stuff this whole month i dont have much time to spend on the internet.

but here's a little update on what we've done this past month..

We've gone to lots of BBQ's and ate lots of Watermelon. this picture is taken at monte's parents house as we prepared for the BBQ there..

This is SUPER late.. but this is the card i made for monte for fathers day..
its says
Dear my BIG HUNK.
I'd like to TAKE 5 min to tell you how your worth more then 100 GRAND to me.
NOW AND LATER i love to SNICKER at all the times we're NERDS together.
Through all the ROCKY ROADS and all the times ive been such a BUTTERFINGER you;ve always been MR. GOODBAR. I truley SKORed a LIFESAVER. i look forward to all the TWIX we play together. Thanks for being such a M&M ( Magnificent and aMazing) dad to our SUGAR BABIES.
EXTRA hugs and KISSES.
Brittany Moore.

This is just a quick picture of the two other kids i babysit.

Last month i finally had to time to go hang out with my best friend . with NO BABY!
we had so much fun!! i miss hanging out with her all the time!! I LOVE YOU PAIGE!!! :)

and of course its summer.. Sooo.. we went boating..
Cole LOVEs playing in the water.. he actually starts crying a little when i take him away from the water.. he has so much fun!!

(cont on to next post! )

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