Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Family Reunion

so a few weeks ago Cole and i went up with my parents to my mom's side's family reunion. we went up to Swan Falls.. up there we stopped on our way to get the famous "square ice cream cones.." which arent really that special its just regular icecream but scooped up with a square scoop.
while we were there we hung out and played games and cole met all of his family! :) they also have an auction where everyone brings up an auction item and the money from it is put towards the cost of the camp ground and food. we earned enough that everyone only had to pay 1$ per person.

we also stopped by the twin falls temple.. it was BEAUTIFUL!!

cole met his great grandma for the second time

my favorite part was when we floated the snake river. Cole LOOOOVED it. i was surprised he did okay in his life jacket. because when we go boating he always seems to HATE it. but i guess he must have just gotten used to it.

thanks mom and papa for the great time! :)

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amber schmidt said...

we floated the same river & both stopped to get square ice cream & we didn't bump into each other?? crazy.